Brew Cacao

This is new. Brew Cacao. What is it? We use whole cacao beans and roast them carefully like we would roast coffee. Then we grind them down to a size a little bit coarser than filter coffee. You can make Brew Cacao in a french press coffee maker for convenience or in a hand-held paper filter for a real clean cup.

Why drink Brew Cacao? Cacao contains 20x less caffeine than coffee but other amazing stimulants such as Theobromine, Phenylalanine & Anandamide. They affect your body less aggressively than caffeine and give you a gentle, balanced high throughout the day. Brew Cacao contains less acid than coffee while tasting delicious and mellow.

Of course, freshness is king also for Brew Cacao. This is why we roast fresh every week and use aroma-friendly packaging to ship it to you. Like a good coffee, Brew Cacao should be consumed within the first 4 weeks after roasting.