Sammlung: Cacao Ceremony Boxes

We developed these boxes for Yoga teachers & healers who want to start working with the transforming power of cacao. They are designed to keep the shipping costs within Europe to a bare minimum, so you get the maximum cacao for the minimum €.

For centuries, cacao has been used as a ceremonial potion. Its uplifting effects have been held dear by its early adopters, the Maya, long before the white brother came, imported it to Europe and mixed it with sugar and milk to make an affordable luxury snack out of it.

For our ceremonial cacao, we select only the finest cacao that is suitable for ceremonial purposes. Known to chocolate experts as "cacao mass" or "cacao liqueur", our ceremonial cacao is made using whole cacao beans, roasting them, turning them into nibs & then grinding them down for days. The result is 100% pure, dark and intense chocolate. We do not add any sugars, extra cacao butter or additives - only a pinch of sea salt.

Ceremonial Cacao has seen a renaissance in spiritual circles around the globe lately, where it is used on cacao ceremonies and healing events to elevate the spirits.

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