Ceremonial Cacao Bar from Trinidad

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Curious about Ceremonial Cacao? This is for you!

Cacao contains almost no Caffeine but its more chilled sister - Theobromine. Together with a lot of Magnesium and Phenylalanine, it makes you gently awake and present. Our Ceremonial Cacao contains nothing but Cacao - no extra cacao butter, no sugar, no lecithins, no chemicals.

For our Ceremonial Cacao we use cacao mass from Trinidad and refine it in our chocolate kitchen in Berlin. After import, we stone grind it for over 24 hours to make it reaaaaaally smooth and add a pinch of sea salt for a better taste. You can use the Ceremonial Cacao for a blissful drink, in your smoothies & in your porridge bowl.

Origin: This cacao grows wild on abandoned plantations in Trinidad, from where we source it directly working together with 3 independent farmers / cacao collectors. It is pre-processed on the island in a small family-run chocolate factory and later we hand-craft it to perfection in Berlin. This way we keep +100% value in the country of origin and still have complete control over the quality.

Bean: Original Trinitario (Trinidad)

Cupping Notes: Cacao, Earth, Nutmeg

Roast: Dark (140°C - 18 min.)

Roast date: Depends on order time. Roasted on Trinidad & handcrafted in Berlin.

Available in re-sealable 200g bags so you won't lose delicious aroma. 

How to Use: Make your Ceremonial Cacao with hot water in a smoothie blender, milk frother or with the help of a whisk.



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Germany Germany

Most powerful and delicious cacao experience ever

Wow, I am still stunned by the effect which this super delicious cacao had on my overall well-being! After consumption I felt extremely energized, unbelievably happy and open hearted! Mixing it with water and banana in a blender as well as adding a little amount of moruga cinnamon made this cacao the most delicious I ve ever had in my life. I have tried a couple of 'high quality' organic cacao powders, but this one, I could feel the high quality that I was promised. Very different from those you buy in the organic store!! After having only one cup, I could feel that my energy levels went high even though of having a rough party weekend, I could also feel the heart opening magic of this amazing cacao, I felt extremely happy and my consciousness reached a higher state of mind. My Intuition felt much stronger and I opened up to talk about deep traumatic experiences with total strangers on a Carsharing ride. I felt like I was elevated into completely opening my heart chakra and my emotions were intense which I was willing to share and accept which made this experience super magical. Highly recommend trying this cacao to everyone, also sensitive people who may suffer from anxiety and extreme alterness. Will definitely recommend the product to friends due to my Highly Magical Experience. THANK YOU JONAS! GREAT PRODUCT!

Cristina M.
Switzerland Switzerland

Wahnsinns Cacao!

Ich bin immer noch geflashed von der Magie den dieser Cacao mit sich bringt und den ich in der letzten Cacao Ceremony erleben durfte. Sowohl für mich als Raumhalterin wie auch für die Teilnehmerinnen war diese Reise einfach unglaublich bereichernd. Dieser Cacao wirkt fein und klar. Unscheinbar und doch ist eine wahnsinnige Power darin. Eine tiefe Verbindung zur inneren Weisheit und Herzessenz war die Erfahrung für alle anwesenden. Auf jeden Fall eine andere Liga von allen Cacao Kraft die ich bis heute angewendet habe. Cristina M.

Svetlana L.
Germany Germany

Cacao der Extraklasse

Der TRINIDAD ist als (zeremonieller) Cacao absolute Königsklasse: Ich habe viele verschiedene hochwertige Rohcacaos probiert, aber geschmacklich und von der Wirkung bleibt der MORUGA Trinidad für mich einfach unübertroffen! Ich benutze ihn gerne in der EMBODIMENT Einzel- und Gruppenarbeit, weil er den Körper mit großer Sanftheit, Süße und Sinnlichkeit öffnet, und erst dann seine volle (Raubtier-)Kraft und Wirkung entfaltet. Svetlana Leiber THE ART OF EMBODIMENT


Einfach nur geil!

Hier mal ein Review auf deutsch. Als man mir das erste mal vom moruga erzählt hat war ich zunächst nur skeptisch. Kakao kannte ich bislang nur als übersüßes wintergetränk. Mittlerweile mein absolutes Lieblingsgetränk, stellt sogar guten Kaffee in den Schatten. Einfach nur geil!


Wow, that stuff is delicious and...

whenever I don't feel like coffee, I enjoy a cup of moruga. Forget what you think you know about hot chocolate and cacao. This is a game-changer! Will definetely order again.