all our cacaos as 1kg block
all our cacaos as 1kg block
all our cacaos as 1kg block
all our cacaos as 1kg block
all our cacaos as 1kg block
all our cacaos as 1kg block

all our cacaos as 1kg block

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1kg of pure cacao paste

we offer all our cacao pastes as convenient 1kg-block

  • save money by buying a whole block
  • convenient: each block is made up of 5x 200g sections that are easy to break off
  • perfect for heavy users, chefs & cacao ceremonies

"original trinitario" from trinidad

aroma: intense cacao, earth, smoke, hints of nutmeg
strong flavour with low acidity
perfect for sensual drinks, stimulating smoothies and as a  snack

"indio rojo" from guatemala

aroma: caramelised banana, vanilla, bourbon whiskey
well balanced fruity flavour and low acidity
great for drinks with (plant)milk foam, banana smoothies and snacking

"prenzlberg blend" from st. vincent (40%), guatemala (40%), peru (20%)

aroma: red fruits, citrus, floral honey
well balanced berry flavour with slight acidity
great for pure drinks, smoothies and snacking

bring a lot of magic to your event or home

  • perfect for cacao ceremonies, guided meditation events, sharing circles or any other conscious events that could need a little more empathy
  • experience the unparalleled taste of our best cacaos
  • feel more connected, relaxed and euphoric
  • pure - without sugar, sweeteners, lecithins, chemicals or any additives
  • ketogenic, vegan
  • our products always contain the whole cacao beans (incl. roughly 50% cacao butter) and hence have a deep and sensual aroma
  • normally, cacao gets heated & pressed to separate cacao butter from cacao mass - this kills flavour & healthy ingredients (see photos)
  • direct and fair trade only
  • delivered in convenient 1kg block with five 200g sections that are easy to break off

we guarantee that you will actually feel a difference to mass produced cacao - otherwise you get your money back

need a lot of cacao for your event? send us an inquiry to and we can send you our b2b price list.
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