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Bulletproof Cacao 🍫💪

Cocoa is ideal for ketogenic drinks or as a substitute for bulletproof coffee.

If you've ever drunk Bulletproof Coffee, or buttered coffee, then you know: it often doesn't taste really, really good ...

But the basic idea is interesting! Fat instead of carbohydrates in the morning. Who doesn’t know that yet: Google simply "bulletproof coffee". There are umpteen videos & amp; Explanatory material. Basically, the point is that your body is already in fat burning mode as soon as you get up you have hopefully not snacked on sleepwalking overnight - now you are feeding your body nothing but fat in the morning.u.

The effect: Your body stays in the fat burning process, which is not only a great for losing weight / maintaining weight / defining figure, but also a great, constant & amp; brings unexcited energy with it. In this mode you experience the opposite of a sugar flash.s.

Our pure cocoa mass is very suitable for this, as it consists of at least 50 fat, naturally contains few carbohydrates & amp; Of course, no sugar is added by us. Tadaaaaaaa: Bulletproof Cacao..

I, Jonas, founder of Moruga, drink a Bulletproof Cacao with 2 squares of Moruga Cacao & amp; almost every morning after or before a run. a teaspoon of coconut oil.t.

So completely vegan Bulletproof Cacao! And super tasty too.

Bulletproof Kakao, ketogen und vegan

The preparation:
 Super easy.

1 2 squares ours Cacao Ceremony 🍫  Put together with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a thermos flaskn

Pour 2 250ml of warm water at 60C°C) 💦

3 close thermos & amp; shake vigorouslyn

4 Enjoy 🥰

Of course, this variant also has all the other benefits of cocoa: Hardly any caffeine, but many other interesting stimulants such as theobromine & amp; Phenylethyanine PEA.).

In addition, our cocoa is known to contain a lot of healthy antioxidants and flavanoids.

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