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What is ceremonial cocoa? 🧘‍♀️

What distinguishes a cocoa that is used for ceremonies??

Ceremonial cocoa is becoming increasingly popular.But what is it? Have you ever heard of a cocoa ceremony? Well, ceremonial cocoa is what you serve at cocoa ceremonies.t.

Stupid answer, or what exactly is being served theret?

How is ceremonial cocoa made?

In chocolate jargon, the basic ingredient is called cocoa mass or cocoa liquor. But I don't want to bore you, I would rather use another example to explain what ceremonial cocoa is and how it is made.ird.

You probably know almond butter. Almond butter is made by peeling almonds & amp; then ground in stone rollers for a couple of hours. Almonds consist of about half of fat like all nuts. This almond fat becomes liquid when grinded & amp; The result is a viscous, creamy mass: the almond butter.s.

Ceremonial cocoa works the same way. Like a nut, the cocoa bean consists half of fat cocoa butter and has a shell. For production, the bean is first roasted, then broken into small pieces, then the shells are separated from the bean splinters. The splinters of the cocoa bean then move into stone rollers, where they are ground for 24 hours. We add a pinch of salt for a round taste - done.g.

The only difference to nut butter: The cocoa butter contained in the ceremony cocoa hardens below 38C. That's why we only know chocolate in the best case as a bar, not as puree unless it has been in the sun for too long.e).

How is ceremonial cocoa prepared?

Back to the cocoa ceremony: There this ceremony cocoa is mixed with water and served. Sometimes a few spices or a little sweetness such as honey or agave syrup are added. Some also prefer the cocoa with oat or almond milk. The basic ingredient is always chocolate made from 100 cocoa without any sugar, chemicals or other ingredients, completely untreated and gently roasted.et.

This is how the natives of South America have been drinking their cocoa for centuries. By the way, the word chocolate comes from the Aztec Xokolatl, which is often translated as bitter, brown drink. wird.

The first Europeans were enthusiastic about this wonder drug.

The first Europeans who got to know this wonder drug were also enthusiastic about the positive effects on body & amp; Ghost. The poet Goethe and the explorer Humboldt, for example, were really big chocolate fans. Goethe drank his chocolate every morning and wrote more often in letters & amp; in his diary, how much it inspired him to write. Chocolate houses existed all over Europe even before coffee houses became really popular. At that time the drink was still called chocolate, the bars for eating did not even exist. At that time, the drink was also made from cocoa mass and water, with no trace of milk. Only later, in the course of industrialization, was chocolate more and more stretched with milk powder and sugar in order to be able to meet the high demand and make it accessible to the common people.hen.

We produce pure cocoa mass from fine cocoa, grown wild, fairly traded & amp; freshly roasted.

We're turning the tables now and taking away everything bad that industrialization has brought us. We act fairly and directly, we only use fine cocoa varieties from wild or semi-wild cultivation, no monocultures, we do not add sugar, chemicals or other nonsense to the ceremonial cocoa. We roast the cocoa beans gently and pack them airtight so that the wonderful aromas are retained. We copied that from our friends in the coffee scene.. With our cocoa you will not only be inspired at your cocoa ceremony or during your meditation, but you will also be able to celebrate a culinary experience.


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