Here you will find answers to the most common questions we get at Moruga Cacao.

Shipping, preparation & use

Shipping & Returns

The most frequently asked questions about shipping our cocoa.

To Germany and throughout the EU.

Usually 2-3 working days after ordering. Contact us if you haven't received your package after 5 days.

Shipping within Germany costs 4.90 and is free from a purchase value of 40.s.

Shipping to other EU countries costs 8.89 and is free from a purchase value of 70.s.

We are currently working on a solution to be able to send goods by DHL Warenpost 2.0 more cheaply, even for smaller quantities. Subscribe to the newsletter for an update!

Unfortunately, we can no longer take back opened bars and, as food products, are non-returnable. If you are dissatisfied with the product, just write to us. We will surely find a solution.


The most frequently asked questions about the preparation of Moruga.

1-2 squares per 200ml cup.

1 square makes the cocoa rather mild, like filter coffee.

2 squares make the cocoa rather strong, like café crema.

(1 square corresponds to approx. 8.5g.)

About 70C..

Trick: If you don't have a temperature gauge handy, you can mix 2 parts boiling water and 1 part cold water together. That gives about 70C..

Of course!

You can prepare the cocoa with oat milk, almond milk, pea milk, coconut milk, camel, goat or cow milk - just as you like.

Of course!

Tonka beans, nutmeg, pepper, chili, cardamom, orange peel oil, vanilla, cinnamon and anise go very well with cocoa.

PS: Essential oils are best for flavoring cocoa because they don't cause a "scratchy" drinking sensation.

Of course, sweetie.

Also with coconut blossom sugar, raw cane sugar, honey, agave syrup, panela, stevia, xucker and other sweeteners.

Also suitable for...

The most frequently asked questions about who Moruga cocoa is suitable for.

Of course!

That's how it all started. Many of our very first customers have used Moruga cocoa for cocoa ceremonies and were so enthusiastic that we continued.

A suitable dose is 3-4 squares / person.

First of all congratulations!🏆

We are always asked by pregnant women whether Moruga cocoa is OK for them to drink, since they also do without coffee during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any binding information on this. Please clarify this with your doctor or midwife.

But something!

Cocoa is a real powerhouse among hot drinks, as it is packed with healthy fats, magnesium, antioxidants, cannabinoids and the much-discussed stimulants such as theobromine and phenylethylamine.

Numerous studies prove the positive influence of cocoa on body (especially the cardiovascular system) and mind.

yes baby

No longer shimmy from espresso shot to espresso shot. Cocoa works slower and more subtle than coffee - but also for hours and constantly.

And all without a racing heart or sweating from overcaffeination!

Luisa answers the most frequently asked questions in these 7 short videos.

1. The optimal water temperature

2. (How) to shake properly

3. The best mixing ratio

4. With water or with milk?

5. With sweeteners or spices?

6. The maximum dose of cocoa per day

7. Difference between Baked Cocoa & Moruga Cocoa

Special:This is how you clean your Moruga cocoa shaker from the inside