Partners using Moruga for cocoa ceremonies

Would you like to experience the magic of a cocoa ceremony? Here we introduce you to our partners who regularly hold rituals and cocoa ceremonies with Moruga, maybe in your area too!

Get to know our partners who prefer to use Moruga cocoa at their ceremonies.

Berlin, Yoga On The Move

"For me, Moruga is by far the best cocoa I've ever used for my cocoa ceremonies. The cocoa is of the highest quality, fair trade and organically grown. I can choose from a variety of different flavors and blends. Moruga always delivers a story about the origin and details of the unique taste of each cocoa variety.The love and passion can be felt in every cup.

I wholeheartedly recommend Moruga Cacao, whether you just want to enjoy cocoa yourself or want to host a cocoa ceremony - you've come to the right place. Not only are you buying the highest quality, you are also protecting the rainforest and wildlife at its source. For me, Moruga is the total package."

Berlin, Flawsome Yoga

I've been working with Moruga since the beginning and I love the passion they put into their work. They grow organically and supply delicious cocoa sourced from different parts of the world. When I buy fair trade raw cocoa from Moruga, I know that with my money I am protecting the jungle and the wild forests and their inhabitants - both the animals and the local population.


"It's fair when not only the cocoa farmers think it's fair, but also when a sign is set against monocultures and for biodiversity. For this reason, Moruga has a very hearty, full-bodied aftertaste, always a good pick."


"Moruga tastes incredibly delicious and for me personally it tastes best compared to other cocoa. The special thing about Moruga is the durable packaging and therefore easy preparation. I love drinking the cocoa while writing my PhD creatively and drinking it with my meditation students ceremonially share."


Katrin's Cacao Rituals combine cocoa, energy work, a special approach to voice and meditation, and a safe and sacred space for your inner growth, relaxation, and creative powers.

Katrin Hahner is an artist working in the fields of music, visual arts and theatre. Her focus is on creativity and how best to unlock and nurture it. She also studies ancient and modern healing methods and the gentle plant medicine cocoa has accompanied her for over 5 years.