Recipes for Ceremonial Cocoa

Here are some recipes for ceremonial cacao [Obsolete - click here fornew blog about the preparation].

Preparation on the go in the cocoa shaker

You take 1 square of ourspure cocoa & mix it in
  • 100ml water = strong (likeCafe Creme)
  • 250ml water = light (like filter coffee)
  • Put both in the shaker.
  • Turn off the shaker.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Finished.

You should take this into account when shaking the cocoa in a thermos flask.

Shake the shaker vigorously like a protein shaker so that the cocoa can completely dissolve and become frothy.

60C - 70C is the optimal water temperature for the aroma of your cocoa.s.

You don't have a temperature display on your kettle No problem! Just add 1/3 cold water or plant milk to 2/3 boiling water - that's about right..

How much is 250ml Der shaker should be about half full.

Other ingredients in cocoa

You can experiment with a pinch of extra salt (quality salt!). We do add salt to our bars, but salt tolerances are known to vary. Don't use normal iodized salt, it tastes terrible. You should use sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Mix plant milk with your cocoa

You can of course add (plant) milk, sugar, honey or spices.

 Ketogenic / Low Carb / "Bulletproof" Variant: Simply add a teaspoon of coconut fat or MCT oil to the cocoa.


Here are a few videos for making ceremonial cacao


Be careful when mixing hot things in the blender. The air in the blender expands quickly as it heats up. If you've got a really tightly sealed, high-powered blender like we do, the lid will fly off. We've had to repaint our kitchen a few times, so believe us.

Therefore: Close the mixer & shake it carefully with the hot water until all the hot air has escaped. Then pulse carefully at the beginning. When the air stops expanding, go full throttle.


“On a Lazy Sunday in Prenzlauer Berg (for two people))

1) Add a ripe banana, four squares of our Ceremonial Cocoa and 400ml of 80C hot water to your blender. 

(Optionally add a dash of coconut milk or a pinch of cinnamon.)

2) Blend thoroughly (see note on exploding blenders above)..


“Midnight Runner (pre-run shake for one person))

You don't believe the hype Cocoa that's euphoric and energizing Drink one and fly across the track. We recommend you have that drink at midnight, then break into your local stadium (why are they always closed at night), pump out loud music and feel f***ing alive.en.

1) Add to your blender: half a ripe banana, two squares of our ceremonial cacao, just enough chilli not to kill you and 200ml of 80C hot water..

2) Blend thoroughly (see note on exploding blenders above)..

3) Drink this just before you run.

4) Drink a glass of water afterwards.

5) Watch your run. Do you already feel high after ~20 minutes?

Prepare ceremonial cocoa without a mixer

In the thermos. Shaken, not stirred.


With the whisk (for two people)

1) Heat water to 80 Cn

2) Pour 300ml of hot water into a tea or coffee pot and a little into your two cups to preheat them

3) Add four squares of our Trinidadian Ceremonial Cocoa to the pitcher

4) Beat vigorously with a whisk or milk frother - the faster you stir, the creamier the cocoa will be

5) Pour the water out of your cups and carefully pour the cocoa into the two pre-warmed cups

Add sweetness or spices of your choice. Dark honey & chili pair well with Trinidad cocoa.