zero percent

Why do we only offer 100% chocolates? Are we some sort of mean organisation that tries to take the fun away from chocolate? 

Not quite. We took the pledge to enable you to have full control over your diet. Full control means having full control especially over your sugar intake, which, in our industrialised food system, is exceptionally difficult to manage. Almost every item you can buy in a supermarket contains sugar. Now we do not want to embark on a rave against sugar - all we want is transparency & to give you some of your control as a consumer back. If you want your chocolate sweet - put sugar in it. As much as YOU want. If you want to train yourself to consuming less sugar, start with adding one teaspoon. Then a half one. Then none. If you like it sweet today and bitter tomorrow, you got the power. If you don't believe the hype, dump the whole sugar container in that cup. We won't stop you. All we want is that you can make your own decision.

You can trick yourself into thinking that honey or more "healthy" sugar alternatives are better for you and we could probably sell 60% chocolate with coconut sugar for double the price of a cane sugar 60% because coconut sugar is oh-so #healthy and #instagramable. Truth is that anything that's overly sweet spikes your blood sugar levels and, in the long run, is not good for you.

On the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the solution is often not consuming more of something else but consuming less of the things that make you sick. The idea that a few grams of superfoods make you healthy instantaneously while you keep consuming is obviously bullocks. Our founder Jonas worked in a superfood & weightloss shake company before and he found it more than sad to sea how overweight and sick people waste so much of their hard earned money on a ruthless marketing scheme. Training your taste system to let go of its addiction to sweetness is part of your development towards a healthier and more independent lifestyle. This is why sweeteners are not an alternative for us either as they make you crave more sweet things in the long run and you just will not get away from the sugar mafia a.k.a. industrialised food complex.

We have to test all our products ourselves before selling them. Being the active athletes that we are, the thought of having to test sweet chocolate every day was a no-go for us. We simply could not have opened Moruga as a business on that base. But we love cacao. So what to do? Make Moruga a zero percent chocolate brand.

All of this means that we are a reliable source of low-carb chocolate for athletes or fans of a ketogenic diet as well as chocolate nerds and specialty coffee hipsters.