about us

what does it take

to run a company without compromising its core values? it all starts with concepts being turned into creative force, leading towards an idea – and tracking back towards the source. it is a swirling motion, necessary to build the business sustainability we wanted. moruga cacao is a berlin based brand, running a small factory where cacao beans are turned into a special kind of chocolate; but roots of the business are firmly embedded in the south american soil, where we've built a close relationship with farmers who nurture the plant.

the decision to use the word "cacao" in our company name rather than the widespread "cocoa" term is a conscious one – representing the values we wish to protect here. rumor has it that the mispronunciation goes back to colonial times, when the english could not adapt to the local word for the product. spanish language proved more resilient in adapting old native terms like cacahuatl and kakawa, so cacao remains the word used today by the farmers and traders sourcing the plant enjoyed by the rest of the world. we find it crucial to delineate this difference. it's the same with taste – it is comprised of nuances, and having an eye for detail can go a long way. the best way to share something with your fellow humans is to embrace variety, keeping an open mind for new experiences.

we're committed to finding the best cacao the land can offer, bypassing the monoculture enforced by the corporate food industry, whose exploitation cheapens the quality of imported cacao and the living standards of people producing it. in our post-colonial era, there are still some grim practices floating around, undercutting farmers in order to push forward the cheaper, "forastero" cacao, and the unfortunate result is that it now comprises of 95 percent of world cacao production.

our goal was to avoid these unhealthy practices, creating a product that will differentiate itself through care put into it, giving back to the communities producing it. moruga cacao therefore works exclusively with farmers growing noble cacaos – as the “criollo” or “trinitario” strains are called - which possess a bountiful aroma. to the farmers, we pay way beyond world market price for the cacao of this quality, and rightfully so: the richness of taste is unparalleled, reinforcing the brand image we wish to maintain. at the same time, responsible harvesting and higher standard of living can and will serve as a model for a more humane industry approach.

moruga is a completely sugar-free brand. we consider sugar to be nothing less than the enemy of contemporary society, a health hazard that lowers the quality of our food intake and our quality of life. what we create is a potent substance for better spiritual and physical outlook; a new approach to the old formula. our ceremonial grade products are made from whole cacao beans which we ground down to make pure cacao paste, with nothing added except for a pinch of sea salt. sustainability is the key word here, and our beans all stem from agro-forest environments, producing wonderful results for the entire ecosystem.

the global society brought upon by technological advances is both blessing and a curse, bringing people together, but also creating monoculture and erasing diversity in order to optimize corporate profits. our venture is unabashedly idealistic, aiming to create a change throughout the development process, all the way to the final output: supporting the creators and their communities and bringing the pure, single origin cacao they harbor to audiences both in germany and the world at large. it is our hope that the cacao we make will wake people's senses in more ways than one.