Looking for amazing cacao mass, cacao nibs, cacao husks or cacao beans for your business?

Talk to us! We're a small business eager to make you happy. All our products are hand produced in a small factory in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Our focus is on the roasting process & bringing out the complex aromas of the world's finest single origin cacao beans - just like a specialty coffee roaster. You won't find cacao products as aromatic anywhere else.
In all production steps we make sure not to lose any aroma. We store all beans in air-tight containers. We designed hand-made lids for our melangeurs so we don't lose any aroma during the grinding. We never grind more than 24 hours. Directly after the production, we vacuum seal our masses. The result: Astonishingly aromatic cacao masses. 

Brew Cacao:

Get Brew Cacao for your office! Other than coffee, cacao does not show the short-lasted "peak & crash" effect but supports a sustained, balanced energetic high. Great for long strategic and creative sessions, for meetings and all-nighters.   
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Cacao Mass:

Use our cacao mass for pralines or your own small chocolate production. Use it for high-end cooking in savoury stews, innovative pasta recipes and, of course, in desserts.  
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Cacao Nibs:

Our aromatic cacao nibs are an unforgettable add-on to your baking products. Cakes, banana bread, muffins and cookies all benefit from the crunchy flavour explosion. Serving porridges, smoothies or smoothie bowls? Add Moruga cacao nibs for the extra touch of fancy.
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