cacao as medicinal plant

re-experiencing cacao as a medicinal plant

long before cacao was colonized and consequently industrialised into the chocolate bars we know today, it was used as a ceremonial potion by indigenous people in south- and middle america. what we have forgotten over the course of heavy processing in the modern food industry is that cacao actually has the potential to be a serious stimulant, not a children’s treat.


the effect of cacao is an unbelievably tough thing to explain. scientifically spoken, cacao is known to contain an array of chemicals that all have different effects on the body, depending on their dosage, proportion and of course your metabolism type. in a nutshell science tells us that cacao is slightly stimulating, due to chemicals like theobromine, phenylalanine, anandamide and theophylline.


but below modern science, there’s a much older undercurrent that seems to explain us why drinking cacao as a medicinal potion might be a great idea. throughout the world, nature religions have harnessed the effects and power of medicinal plants in spiritual and therapeutic settings. today, the use of mushrooms, ayahuasca and other natural psychedelics are experiencing a renaissance both in urban culture and serious science.


carefully grown and minimally processed cacao is one of these plants that have been used in therapeutic and ceremonial settings for centuries. different to psychedelic plants, there’s no change in mental state induced by drinking a bowl of ceremonial cacao. but there is, nevertheless, a change of physical and emotional state that follows the consumption of roughly 30g pure cacao mass, which is hardly debatable. science again tells us that cacao opens blood vessels and increases the overall blood flow in the body. lots of magnesium add to a relaxation of muscles. spiritual teachers and shamans tell us that cacao acts as a “heart opening”, soft facilitator that allows us to go deeper into our own emotions if we want to.


we’re fascinated by both worlds, the modern science as well as the historic spiritualism. from holding cacao ceremonies every sunday we know what a beautiful ressource we discovered and how great the value of cacao ceremonies is to the people who attend them. surprisingly to us, cacao has taken up a place in our habits that does not compete with coffee, tea or other substances. instead of swapping coffee with cacao in the morning, we discovered a space in which cacao rules without competition. there’s no other drug - legal or illegal - that we could imagine to better allow us to give in to our emotional animal and arrive in the space that we inhabit, fully present.


we are convinced that this is a revelation worth spreading. we want to invite everyone who feels that marijuana, alcohol, caffeine and other substances are not doing them any good to try out cacao. we are fully aware that we are going heavily against the stream with this but we can’t do else than to stay true to ourselves and what we think is right.