organise cacao ceremonies with us.

if you are the organiser of a spiritual healing event, festival, ceremony or celebration and you need cacao (>2kg) or if you are curious about organising a cacao ceremony in your yoga studio or if you are a yoga teacher and you want to offer your community something truly special, reach out to us! we can help you organise your first cacao ceremony and of course supply you with the best ceremonial cacao that you can find. in both cases, send us an email to info@morugacacao.com and we will get back as quick as possible.

cacao is an unparalleled companion on the journey to a more aware self. cacao is being used by a growing community of spiritual healers and ceremonial masters in their work around the globe. with its heart-opening properties, cacao helps becoming more aware and sensitive to emotions for a spiritual session. it is a subtle facilitator that lifts the mood and provides access to long forgotten memories of our true human nature. not seldomly cacao helps to cry and open up to the people around. It is important to remember though that it is not the cacao that does the work. cacao is a companion, not a leader. everybody has to embark on his own personal journey to awareness.

this is why cacao should never play the central role at any ceremony. the people who join the ceremony are the protagonists. whether we are gazing into each others eyes or into a ring of fire, whether we are chanting or beating the drum or playing the flute, whether we are hugging each other or doing breath work - the most important thing is that a group of people gathers intentionally to grow spiritually. none of these rituals are sacred in themselves and neither is cacao. humans are sacred. this is what we as the people who sell cacao want you to remember. We do not want to see you worship cacao but worship the brothers and sisters around you. cacao is nothing else but a delicious drink after all. Remember that on your next ceremony.