to sip or to snack

to sip or to snack - this is the question.

you probably only know chocolate as a sweet snack. traditionally, chocolate has always been a drink though. there are a few reasons why you should give drinking our cacaos a try:

  • since we exclusively make pure cacao mass, all our products contain zero sugar or sweeteners hence the chocolates are naturally bitter and sometimes overwhelmingly aromatic
  • watering down the chocolates and sipping them as a drink lets you experience the unique aromas in a pleasant way - remember that most liquors are also watered down to 40% strength
  • sipping chocolate avoids the unpleasant feeling of having a very intense piece of chocolate stuck to your tongue or the top of your mouth
  • liquid lasts longer: a few grams of chocolate become a few slow sips instead of one quick bite
  • chocolate in its liquid form enables you to add whatever sweetness you prefer into your cup, be it cane sugar, honey or coco sugar depending on how you feel
  • the same goes for milk or plant-based alternatives, spirits and liquor
  • that means you don't have to buy a 50%, 70% and 90% chocolate, one with coconut milk and one plain dairy milk chocolate for every mood you're in but you can keep it simple
  • sharing a few relaxed cups of sipping chocolate with your friends is more enjoyable than passing around a bar of chocolate to snack