benefits of moruga cacao

one question a lot of people ask themselves is- what is moruga cacao? why should i bother drinking it? well, not only is this vegan, keto-friendly superfood packed with essential nutrients and tons of antioxidants but it is also a gentle stimulant that serves as heavenly delicious alternative to your morning coffee. our raw cacao products are a fantastic addition to healthy drinks and snacks. but just beyond the taste, what are the benefits of cacao? first, let’s learn what is moruga cacao and what sets it apart to other, standard cacaos?


we only work with noble cacao beans of the trinitario or criollo type, directly imported from the farmers. this decision for quality leads to an amazing taste with an abundance of unforgettable, complex aromas that range somewhere from red berries to caramelised banana. your brain will instantaneously realise: this is what cacao ought to be. 


the use of cacao for spiritual ceremonies dates back to the ancient indigenous cultures of south america. the quality cacao that we import is full of theobromine amongst other active ingredients, which is a naturally occurring stimulant. it works more subtle and sustained than caffeine, flowing constantly for 6-8 hours instead of giving you a peak and then an ugly crash like caffeine does. theobromine works well with your body, and not against it, giving you the concentration and energy you need without making you feel nervous or jittery.

no bad ingredients

everything we make at mouga is free of sugar, lecithins, soy, sweeteners, aromas . in fact we're selling the best part of chocolate without all the unnecessary filling agents like extra cacao butter or sugar.


our chocolates are completely vegan. we do not use any dairy or other animal products.


everything we make at moruga is free of sugar, as we believe sugar addiction is one of the most detrimental problems of our society. hence our products are naturally great for a ketogenic diet since with their high fat content and no additional sugar.

most sustainable

all cacaos that we're working with are harvested either from wild forests or so-called agro-forested systems. these are farming systems on which farmers foster biodiversity by growing more than one cash-crop on their land, thereby strengthening the soil & being a real role model for an ecologically friendly agriculture.

most fair

forget fair trade. this stuff is family-trade! we're working together closely with the farmers who produce these wonderful cacaos & they get paid up to six times the world market price for cacao.


with its high concentration in anti-oxidants, cacao is great for catching free radicals in your body & boosting your immune system. cacao is also known to lower acidity levels in the body, be a great stress reliever and an amazing source of magnesium, which supports the normal brain function and helps to improve focus.

difference between ceremonial grade cacao and cocoa powder

some of the commonly asked questions are what the difference of ceremonial cacao and cocoa powder is, and to answer that, moruga cacao is 100 % roasted and grounded from the finest cacao beans. for that amazing taste and aroma, the cocoa bean is processed at a minimum and controlled manner and then roasted carefully and slowly on a low-oxygen grind process to retain the healthy nutrients found in the bean & keep the precious aroma intact. standard cocoa powder, in return, is a heavily processed product that has been rid of a great amount of the naturally occurring cocoa butter.