one free package of cacao...

... is yours if you get your favourite café, yoga studio, bouldering gym or smoothie bar to order with us.

1) you will receive one package of moruga cacao as a thank you gift (incl. free shipping in germany)

2) they will have an amazing healthy chocolate to experiment with, new exciting drinks to put on the menu and a happy loyal customer. 

3) we will have a new partner with a personal referral through a cacao-crazy customer. we prefer that to exhausting sales tours that blow lots of money and energy.

thats what we call a #winwinwin situation.

how to earn yourself one free package of moruga cacao:

if you read this page, you probably have one of our packages of cacao in your hands (if not - get yourself one). what's the most compelling thing about our cacao? the smell and the taste of course.

1) go to your favourite place with your bag and let them smell the cacao 

2) let them make a drink with it (check recipes page) & share it with them

3) tell them that you as a loyal customer want this cacao on the menu and that you will be ordering it if they serve it (be honest!)

4) make sure they send us your correct name and address when contacting us through 

5) if they place an order with us, we will ship one package of cacao to you for free!