wild grown on trinidad.

all cacao beans for our "original trinitario" chocolate are responsibly sourced from three independent farmers in trinidad who give their best to harvest world-class cacao. they find the cacao on abandoned plantations that have not been irrigated in more than 40 years - a true historical rarity. none of the farmers uses pesticides and they promote biodiversity by allowing other plants like papayas and mangoes to grow on their land. this naturally lowers the efficiency of the harvesting but it gives the sensitive cacao trees the shade and protection from the elements that they need to unfold all their biochemical potency and aroma. the pay-off for the farmers: we pay them a multitude of the world market price for their quality. the pay-off for you: nowhere else do you get chocolate that is as potent in aroma and in producing euphoric effects.

unfortunately, cacao from agroforested farms (or wild cacao) is a very rare resource and we are steering towards a global monoculture of boring bulk cacao. by dedicating our brand to using mostly cacao grown on agroforest farms, we hope to raise awareness and build up a market momentum so that these few places in the world will not get bought up by large corporations, bulldozed and turned into monoculture plantations (as could be the case with the farms you see in the video below). we hope, to the contrary, that more monoculture plantations will be turned into semi-wild bushland that holds a forgotten potential of aroma as we know it from wine, hops and coffee. by buying moruga cacao, you help protecting these rare places. hopefully, in the future, when our venture has gained more loyal customers and things are running a bit smoother, we can set up a project to turn monoculture plantations into spaces of diversity.