use your hands. you got two of them.

on a porch in moruga

how it all began. the original ceremonial cacao drink that ben discovered on a porch in moruga, trinidad. our favourite, sugar free, low-carb cacao drink . the real deal.

for two cups:
1) heat water to 80° C
2) pour 300ml hot water into tea or coffee pot & some into your two cups to pre-heat them
3) add 36g (two squares) of our ceremonial cacao from trinidad into the pot
4) whisk vigorously with a good whisk or milk frother until foamy - the more attention you put to the whisking, the better your drink
5)  pour the water out of your cups & gently pour the cacao into your two pre-warmed cups

add sweetness or spice of your choice. dark honey & chili fit the trinidad cacao well. 

high tech: use a smoothie blender

note: be careful when blending hot cacao. the air inside the blender expands rapidly upon being heated. if you have a properly sealed, powerful blender, that might blow off the lid. we had to re-paint our kitchen a few times so believe us. just pulse carefully at the beginning. when the air won't expand anymore, give it a proper blend.

on a lazy sunday morning in prenzlauer berg (for two)

1) add two bananas, two table spoons (20g) of our ceremonial cacao, five table spoons of coconut milk, a pinch of cinnamon & top off with 400ml of warm water
2) blend carefully (see note on exploding blenders above 👆)

midnight runner (pre-run shake)

you don't believe the hype? cacao that is euphoriant and energising? chug one of these and you'll fly over the running track. advisable to drink at midnight, then break into your local stadium or running track (why, oh why are they closed at night?), pump some loud music & feel alive.

1) add one banana, two table spoons (20g) of our ceremony cacao from trinidad, a pinch of sea salt, just enough chili not to kill you & top off with 200ml of warm water.
2) blend carefully (see note on exploding blenders above 👆)
3) drink just before running 
4) chase with a glass of water
5) pay attention during your run. feel high after ~20 minutes?

midnight racer  (pre-cycle shake)

like the midnight runner - use coconut milk instead of banana though. no carbs just before your bicycle ride! all the healthy fats of a coconut-cacao blend will keep you going forever. approved by loyal customer & cycling fanatic karl from hardbreakers.