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our 100% cacao mass is the purest form to experience cacao. the beans for this one are exlusively harvested from abandoned estates on trinidad. they are then minimally processed to preserve antioxidants & flavonoids. it leaves the mass potently stimulating to foster your creativity, empahty & euphoria.

supports flow

theobromine, the main active stimulant in cacao, acts slower and more subtle than caffeine. theobromine is released into your system over a sustained period of 6-8 hours so you won't suffer from the "peak&crash" that you get out of coffee or guarana. also, theobromine has a similar but slightly different effect. artists, writers and designers tend to find cacao helping to boost their creativity and reach that sought-after flow state easier.

fosters empathy

for centuries, cacao has been used as a ceremonial drink by the indigenous people of south america acting as a facilitator to connect with the deities and one another. this explains the recent boom of cacao ceremonies in western societies, where the need to connect and bond with your surroundings and something greater is becoming a way of life.

boosts euphoria

everything is better with chocolate, they say. on a biochemical level, this even makes sense. cacao acts as a potent mao-inhibitor in the brain, thereby permitting the happy-hormones serotonin & endorphin to stay around for a lot longer once released. no wonder that cacao has become the drug of choice on conscious dance parties around the globe.

exclusively harvested from abandoned estates on trinidad

the cacao beans for this pure, single origin cacao mass exclusively stem from abandoned plantations on trinidad that have not been cultivated in more than 40 years - a true historical rarity. after this long time, nature has reclaimed her space and instead of a monoculture plantation, we find a lush thicket of papayas, mangoes, bananas and nutmeg trees alongside the "original trinitario" cacao trees. this biodiverse bush naturally lowers the efficiency of the harvesting but it gives the sensitive cacao trees the shade and protection from the elements that they need to unfold all their biochemical potency and aroma.

our wild grown cacao contains a high percentage of theobromine, the main active stimulant in cacao.

without any sugar, sweeteners or other additives, our cacao is the healthiest way to get your chocolate cravings fixed


minimal processing at low temperatures keep many of the antioxidants & flavonoids intact.

carefully stone ground for more than four days. because quality takes time.

exclusively harvested from abandoned estates on trinidad by three independent farmers.

what the say

yoga on the move  -  march 2019

"thank you for joining and enriching our last nature getaway with your heart opening cacao from trinidad. cacao circles raise the awareness that what we consume was created by the power of nature! in times of industrial food production it is more important than ever to reconnect to this purest source of life"

nalan adelahan - december 2018

"since I've tried it for the first time and had a glimpse of its intense effects like energizing and mood enhancing (almost like euphoria) it is my favorite superfood. i am in love with its taste and feeling very grateful to encounter moruga! thank you so much for bringing this cacao into my life. but damn you because I can't ever buy chocolate in the supermarket again!"

exberliner magazine  -  january 2019

"most sustainable high. for real aficionados, health-conscious millennials or locals just after something a little different, this may be your drink of choice for 2019."


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