we have a vision.

we want to help people connect to themselves and their environment.

cacao has the unparalleled ability to foster the human connection and serves as a facilitator for deep sensual journeys. that's why cacao is served on healing ceremonies, prior to meditation in yoga studios and radically different dance parties.

cacao will play a major role on the menus of cafés, restaurants and cocktail bars a few years from now. cacao will take up a third space in hot drinks right next to coffee and tea.


"i was never a fan of chocolate or sweets in general but when i first experienced the pure cacao from trinidad that my friend ben handed me, i knew this was something different altogether. it's not that i was only keen about the cacao buzz but i really enjoyed the deep sensual aroma of that drink. that's why i founded moruga in order to push innovations in the field of both sensually delicate and stimulating quality cacao."

jonas, founder & owner