what's special

sit down. this will blow your mind.

cacao as you know it is bad. no other commodity shows the absurdity of our post-colonial world better than cacao. cacao trade is built on slavery & exploitation. monoculture plantations deplete the indigenous rain forest soils of all nutrients. one strain of boring, flavour- & aroma-less "bulk cacao" makes up for 95% of the world's cacao production. cacao is being burnt, heavily processed in the food industry & comes to the end consumer completely anonymous without any ties to the people who grow the agricultural resource. instead of appreciating the healthy bitterness of the fruit, cacao is being cut with sugar & excess cocoa butter to create "frankenstein chocolate".

all we do is offer the world the "real deal". pure cacao mass. that's cocoa beans carefully roasted to perfection, then slowly stone-ground for several days until the beans have turned into a homogenous mass of tiny particles that melt smoothly on your tongue - ancient chocolate if you will. that's where we stop our process. no sugar added. no additives. nothing but pure quality cacao. we establish direct trade relations with the farmers. we endorse diversity in different strains, territory, harvests and roasting batches. all cacaos beans we buy have grown either on wild land or on organic farms in harmony with other plants, giving the soil possibility to take care of itself, the local animals a space to flourish & the farmers higher food and income security.

we understand our project as a role model for the future of food industry: bypassing corrupt certification infrastructure with direct relationships & giving access to natural food that has edges because it's not over-designed & coming in with new processes and ideas to use this natural food instead.