Brew Cacao (make it just like coffee)

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This is a real innovation! Move over, caffeine - here comes the morning bliss!

Brew Cacao - make it just like coffee:

  • Tastes softer than coffee & makes you feel just as energised - without caffeine
  • Brew Cacao is super simple to make - prepare it like coffee in a french press, paper filter or stove-top espresso maker
  • Good-mood-guarantee through many exciting active ingredients such as theobromine, phenylalanine & anandamide

  • Always freshly roasted & ground in our small chocolate factory in Berlin
  • 250g per bag = two cups every day for two weeks
  • Great as hot drink or ice cold like an ice tea


    You don't like coffee (anymore)? This might help 😇 Cacao contains almost no caffeine (20x less than coffee) but other amazing stimulants such as theobromine, phenylalanine & anandamide

    How it feels: We've been testing the Brew Cacao with a handful of early pioneers on a daily basis for a while now. Hands down - it's really, really nice! Instead of the peak-and-crash effects that's so common for coffee, we get a constant, subtle energy that lasts over 8 hours. Don't get us wrong here: We love coffee for what it is. But the type of energy we get from cacao is entirely different: a whole body bliss. Difficult to explain - try it out! On top of this the Brew Cacao simply tastes amazing.

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    Like coffee, just better

    I really liked my morning coffee routine. Until I stumbled across this cacao. It's like coffee, just better. Wakes me up in the morning, gets me through the day and just beautifies my everyday life. Compared to coffee the boost comes more gently and lasts longer and the taste is lighter, but just as fulfilling. I'm also finding it very useful for regenertion after endurance sports, or for the boost right before. Compared to Moruga's original trinitario it's not as filling, but that makes it ideal for daily use in my opinion. Totally love it. :)

    Tamara Fritsch

    Kreativer Input

    Ich nutze schon seit längerem den Kakao von Jonas und bin begeistert, warum? Er ist gerade im Winter für mich ein Must have für gute Laune.. Er öffnet die Sinne und hilft mir in Verbindung mit Yoga oder mit Meditation Zugang zu meiner kreativen schöpferischen Kraft zu finden. Ich kann dies jedem empfehlen der einen natürlichen kreativen Input von außen braucht.