Compassionate Cinnamon

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Dalchini Cinnamon from Vietnam

  • 40g in a tin jar
  • freshly ground from pure cinnamon sticks, without any additives
  • A unique intense taste and smell. Very sweet and aromatically hot.
  • Cinnamon belongs to the 25 superfoods with the highest antioxidative effect (25x stronger than blueberries and before turmeric), has an ORAC value of over 100000 µmol TE/100
  • Use the cinnamon as an additive to your Ceremonial Cacao drinks, in smoothies, for baking or in porridges

This cinnamon comes from the mountainous regions of North Vietnam and has a high concentration of essential oils, which makes for the intense taste and smell. This is a real rarity. Friends of ours import the Cinnamon directly from the farmers to Berlin & visit the cinnamon forests regularly.