Private Cacao Ceremony with Kathrin (Miss Kenichi)

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It's all about re-connecting

Curious about a cacao ceremony? We do it for you!

You own a business? Forget Friday pizza & beer or Christmas celebreations that nobody will be able to remember: Cacao ceremonies are a great way for teams to re-connect and foster the team spirit.

You areĀ organisingĀ a special private event? Cacao ceremonies are a perfect add-on for weddings, birthdays or new-child-celebrations.

No matter how, we will make your event magical. Just talk to us!

**price does not include travel costs**
**inside berlin, no travel costs apply**

The Ritual

will be hosted by Kathrin, a good friend and experienced host for all things cacao. Besides being a host for healing ceremonies and painter, KathrinĀ is also a professional singer & songwriter (Miss Kenichi) and will sing some of the most powerful mantras that she collected on her own spiritual journey on the ceremony.
The ritual includes:
- ca. 30g of our finest cacao
- guided meditation, singing & breath work
- relaxed, cozy atmosphere
- no-tech-time (phones off)
we can come to you or you come to kathrins intimate gallery space where she normally hosts ceremonies. let's talk! morugacacao@gmail.comĀ 


is an experienced host for deep connection rituals. There is no one on this planet whom we trust more in holding the space for these events that are so close to our heart. She is one of the rare people who really nail the balance between deep spirituality and easy-going humour. For years she has been practicing meditation, hosted countless rituals and became a master atĀ singingĀ and painting.


is a companion, not a leader. Everybody has to embark on his own personal journey to awareness. Cacao is, nevertheless, being used by a growing community of spiritual healers and ceremonial masters in their work around the globe. With its heart-opening properties, cacao helps becoming more aware and sensitive to emotions for a spiritual session. It is a subtle facilitator that lifts the mood and provides access to long forgotten memories of our true human nature. Not seldomly cacao helps to cry and open up to the people around. It is important to remember though that it is not the cacao that does the work.Ā