Ceremonial Cacao Block from Trinidad (unrefined)

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This is 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao

Delivered as 1 block of around 620g

Aroma: intense cacao, earth, smoke, hints of nutmeg

This is the unrefined pre-version to our "Trinidad Takeover" chocolate. It is not refined, meaning it is still slightly grainy and does not dissolve in water so perfectly well and no salt is added.Ā 

This rough ceremonial cacao is still a fantastic bargain for smoothies, ceremonial cacao drinks & porridge and some actually love the grains at the bottom of the cup.

It takes us much less effort toĀ ship thisĀ product to you as weĀ simply pass it onĀ as-is after the import from Trinidad, where the blocks are produced & packaged in a small chocolate factory that has been making chocolate for over 60 years. There are +-25 grams weight difference & the packaging i not as convenient - hence we can offer this cacao at a ridiculous price. Good for you if you want to save on the price but still get a fantastic, potent and aromatic ceremonial cacao!

Bring magic into your lifeĀ 

  • experience the unparalleled taste of pure, very rare, wild grown "original trinitario" cacao beans
  • feel more connected, relaxed and euphoric
  • pure - without sugar, sweeteners, lecithins, chemicals or any additives
  • ketogenic, vegan
  • our products always contain the whole cacao beans (incl. roughly 50% cacao butter) and hence have aĀ deep and sensual aroma
  • normally, cacao gets heated & pressed to separate cacao butter from cacao mass - this kills flavour & healthy ingredients (see photos)
  • direct and fair trade with 3 small farms, no use ofĀ pesticides
  • harvested from wild, abandoned plantations instead of monocultures - thisĀ supports local biodiversity (more onĀ trinidadĀ originĀ page)
  • deliveredĀ as two blocks with ~620g each (1240g in total)

We guarantee that you will actually feel a difference to mass produced cacao - otherwise you get your money back.

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Karl Krabbe


I always loved cacao and dark chocolate, but I havenā€™t realized how shitty even ā€žpremiumā€œ products from supermarkets are... Trying Moruga taught me a lot about real cacao. Not just the REAL and amazing taste, but also the pleasant uplifting effect. Less jittery than coffee and stimulating in a different way. One or two strong cups have a perceivable positive and pleasant effect on your mood and mindset for the day. Great for ketogenic diet. I love the combination with matcha, MCT oil and few sprinkles of cinnamon and cayenne. Good shit