Single Origin: Arriba Nacional, Ecuador

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This Brew cacao made from Ecuadorian "Arriba Nacional" beans is the attempt to create a bold, dark drink reminiscent of coffee. Roasted for 22 minutes at 140° it is considerably more intense than our rather fruity Brew Cacao from Guatemala.  The beans grow on relatively new ground, precisely on a patch of land re-forested by eco-investment firm Forest Finance. In harmony with other tropical plants they form yet another one of those agro-forested systems that are so crucial in preserving soil & biosphere in the tropics. 

Bean: Arriba Nacional (Ecuador)

Cupping Notes: Red Berries, Roasted Almonds

Roast: Dark (140°C - 22 min.)

Roast date: Depends on order time. Roasted fresh every week.

Available in 200g & 400g bags.

Enjoy your Brew Cacao made in a french press or a paper filter system.