Single Origin: Indio Rojo, Guatemala

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These cacao beans from Guatemala are roasted for 20 minutes at 130°, then broken into grounds slightly larger than filter coffee size. We source the beans for this Brew Cacao from an independent cacao producing family who grow their "Indio Rojo" trees on their two fincas in the North East of the country in an agro-forest system alongside bananas, papayas and other crops.

Bean: Indio Rojo (Guatemala)

Cupping Notes: Caramelised Banana, Bourbon Whiskey, Vanilla

Roast: Medium (130°C - 20 min.)

Roast date: Depends on order time. Roasted fresh every week.

Available in 200g & 400g bags.

Enjoy your Brew Cacao made in a french press or a paper filter system.