To keep it short: I love the cacao and I was lucky to meet its creator at an event he's organising. He's just an amazing guy doing amazing things. LOVE IT.

Sascha, customer #21

What could be the next energy drink after third-wave coffee, matcha brews and grass or ginger shots? Pure cacao of course! For real aficionados and health-conscious millennials this may be your drink of choice for 2019.

Exberliner Magazine, January 2019

Since I've tried it for the first time and had a glimpse of its intense effects like energizing and mood enhancing (almost like euphoria) it is my favorite superfood. I am in love with its taste and feeling very grateful to have discovered Moruga!

Nalan, customer #3

Absolutely love this cacao! It has a deep and earthy flavor and gives me a feeling of positive buzz. This is my new morning drink!

Sidney Space, customer #38

Simply amazing! 
Tastes great and really gets you going in the morning.

Thilo B., customer #41

Harvesting Wild Cacao in Trinidad

Our Values

1) Before its industrialisation, cacao has been known as a powerful medicinal plant. It's our mission to combine ancient wisdom with modern engineering and supply the world with highest quality non-industrialised cacao products.

2) We believe in the transforming power of cacao - a plant that has been used in healing ceremonies by the peoples of ancient South America for centuries. With our high quality cacao products, we want to facilitate a state of one-ness, empathy and emotional awareness. 

3) Quality is our answer to to climate change. The most sustainable chocolate would be no chocolate at all. Since people will hardly stop craving chocolate, we supply them with the best, most aromatic cacao products so they have to eat less to satisfy their cravings. Where a standard milk chocolate bar might last you one day, one of our 100% bars lasts you a month.