Cacao Nibs

Ceremonial Cacao

Brew Cacao

To keep it short: I love the cacao and I was lucky to meet its creator at an event he's organising. He's just an amazing guy doing amazing things. LOVE IT.

Sascha, customer #21

What could be the next energy drink after third-wave coffee, matcha brews and grass or ginger shots? Pure cacao of course! For real aficionados and health-conscious millennials this may be your drink of choice for 2019.

Exberliner Magazine, January 2019

Since I've tried it for the first time and had a glimpse of its intense effects like energizing and mood enhancing (almost like euphoria) it is my favorite superfood. I am in love with its taste and feeling very grateful to have discovered Moruga!

Nalan, customer #3

Absolutely love this cacao! It has a deep and earthy flavor and gives me a feeling of positive buzz. This is my new morning drink!

Sidney Space, customer #38

Simply amazing! 
Tastes great and really gets you going in the morning.

Thilo B., customer #41