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With 100% Specialty Cacao from Peru.

Discover Cacao As You Deserve It!

Cacao is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. With its energising effect and diverse flavours, Cacao is a true miracle plant.

Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪
Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪
Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪
Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪
Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪
Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪

Chuncho | Peru 🇵🇪

Sale price€30,00
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  • Up to 35 cups per bag - only €0.85 per cup
🚀 Super easy preparation
💪 Full of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, iron
💯 NO sugar, NO additives - 100% pure Cacao
🌱 From sustainable cultivation & fair trade
Organic control body: DE-ÖKO-006, Peru Agriculture
Ingredients & nutritional values

(EN) Cocoa mass. Ingredients: cocoa mass (100%).
(EN) Cocoa mass. Ingredients: Cocoa Mass (100%).
(ES) Pasta de cacao. Ingredients: Pasta de cacao (100%).

Nutritional values / nutrition information / nutricional information

100 g

Energie / Energy / Valor energético

2539kJ / 616kcal

Fat / Fat / Grasas


- of which saturated fats / of which saturated fats / de las cuales saturadas


Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates / Hidratos de carbono


- of which sugars / of which sugars / de los cuales azúcares


Egg White / Protein / Proteínas


Salt / Salt / Sal


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Cacao VS. Coffee

3 Good Reasons to Drink Cacao:

1. Natural Energy

Cacao naturally contains theobromine - a substance that gently wakes you up and lasts for a long time. Cacao contains very little caffeine, so you're awake but not stressed.

2. Healthy Superfood

Packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, magnesium, iron, zinc and healthy fats, cacao is one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet.

3. Full Aroma

Cacao can be one of the most aromatic foods on earth when grown and processed properly.

Fine flavor cocoa instead of waste product

Here's what we do differently at Moruga:

1. Specialty Cacao

We only use rare and highly aromatic cacao varieties. This allows us to guarantee a stunning taste experience even without sweeteners.

2. No Additives

What we understand as "cacao" is 100% chocolate with no additives. It's not a powder as we don't remove the cocoa butter. Due to the minimal processing, the cacao remains highly aromatic and healthy.

3. Sustainability

We obtain all of our cacao beans directly from organic mixed forest cultivation and pay many times the world market price for high quality.

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Shaken, not stirred.

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Discover the diversity of cocoa

3 rare varieties in our discovery box

+ Jolomix from Guatemala 🇬🇹 - Earthy-chocolatey with low acidity, quite bitter.

+ Tabasqueño from Mexico 🇲🇽 - Fruity with a slight acidity, hardly bitter.

+ Trinitario from Tanzania 🇹🇿- Mild cocoa with pleasant roasted notes.
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