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Here you will find all varieties of our 100% chocolates that we have ever offered.

It doesn't matter what you call it: cocoa mass, pure cocoa,100% chocolate, ritual cocoa, ceremonial cocoa, raw cocoa. All of these product designations apply to the same product: pure cocoa beans that are ground into small pieces and filled without any additional ingredients.

Various types of 100% chocolate from a single source

At Moruga cocoa we have specialized in the production of 100% chocolate, the supreme discipline of chocolate production, because we want to discover the diversity of cocoa.

100% fine flavor cocoa

We only work with aromatic fine flavor cocoa varieties instead of boring mass-produced goods.

No unnecessary additions

Our pure 100% chocolates at Moruga are free from sugar, free from lecithins, Free of emulsifiers, Free of flavorings, Free of preservatives, Free of sweeteners. They only contain 100% pure cocoa mass and a pinch of salt for taste.

Bean to bar process

All of our 100% chocolates are made by hand in Bean-To-Bar made, after the cocoa beans have been roasted in small batches and then finely ground for three days.

100% vegan

Of course, 100% chocolate is vegan and made without animal products.

Packed with healthy fats - for the keto diet

Bars of pure cocoa mass contain approx. 50% fat, the cocoa butter, and hardly any carbohydrates - Moruga bars are therefore perfect for the ketogenic diet.

100% sustainably grown and traded

All of our 100% chocolate bars are made from cocoa, the nis sustainably cultivated in mixed forests and traded fairly.