moruga is a story about challenging the state of art and dreaming up big ideas.

it all started with founder jonas’ first idealistic venture. still a student, he used to organise non-alcoholic raves together with one of his best friends and room-mate in berlin. they both founded a nightlife-brand called “sober sensation” & licensed the hugely successful british “morning gloryville” parties because they were tired of the excessive drug abuse that they encountered in berlins clubs.

jonas had one huge problem though: at the bar, they were lacking a real fancy alternative to alcohol. although countless brands sponsored them with free sugary lemonades, juices, smoothies, coconut water and energy drinks, he didn’t enjoy these options. since jonas never enjoyed sweets, tries to live sugar-free and is an all-around healthy guy, he was desperately on the search for a natural, healthy, low-carb, unsweetened drink that’s fancier than a green tea and still has a positive vibe. coffee didn’t do it as it made him think of monday mornings in the office (plus he could only drink so much coffee before he got jittery) and plain water is... well, it’s water.

that’s when ben stepped on the scene, who was importing cacao straight from his roots in trinidad. the two quickly became friends & jonas started experimenting with the uplifting effect of pure cacao. and never stopped. he drank it before midnight runs. after icedipping. on long nature hikes. for meditation. instead of coffee. instead of alcohol. he knew that he was on to something. after some time of experimentation, jonas did the most unreasonable thing: he quit his safe 9to5 in a berlin e-commerce start-up and started bootstrapping this innovative cacao beverage brand. he called it “moruga”, after the town in which his friend ben drank cacao for the first time in his life, and where drinking cocoa tea is traditionally appreciated as uplifting and spiritually enhancing. the moruga brand stands for 100% pure, premium quality, fairly traded, responsibly harvested, single origin, sugar free drinking cacao.