Zeremonieller Kakao in einer schönen Tasse auf Steingrund

About Moruga

Our Mission:Discover & Preserve Cocoa.

Along with coffee and tea, cocoa leads a shadowy existence. Cocoa is one of the most complex, healthiest and finest foods in the world. With Moruga we want the diversity of cocoa discover and maintain . We rely on sustainable cultivation, gentle roasting, short storage times and only two ingredients: cocoa mass (99.5%), salt.

The name:Moruga.

Moruga is the name of the village where Ben drank real cocoa for the first time. His aunt lives there and she prepared the cocoa for him. Ben later shared the cocoa with Jonas in Berlin. He was so enthusiastic that he founded a cocoa company to discover even more cocoa.

The founder:Jonas.

Jonas finds chocolate boring and doesn't like it that sweet. When Ben brought him real cocoa from Trinidad, he was converted. THAT was something other than chocolate. Since then he has been looking for new types of cocoa that inspire him.

The heroes:cocoa farmers.

Without the cocoa farmers' love for their land, its people and of course the cocoa itself, we would not have a company. As one of our first manufacturing partners said to us: "We don't MAKE the chocolate - we just finish the great work of the cocoa farmers".

Stories and impressions of the cocoa farmers: