Zeremonieller Kakao in Block anstatt Kakaopulver

Ceremonial cocoa and cocoa powder - that's the difference.

Ceremonial cocoa and cocoa powder - that's the difference.

Have you ever heard of ceremonial cocoa and wondered what that is? Here we explain how it differs from normal cocoa powder..

Cocoa powder is an industrial product

Cocoa powder does not occur naturally but is a highly processed industrial product. The powder is obtained after the valuable cocoa butter is removed from the cocoa beans. That's why the packaging of cocoa powder always reads "strongly" or "slightly de-oiled".


The fact that chocolate is so cheap elsewhere should give you food for thought...

1 fine flavor cocoa tree (=aromatic) produces approx. 2kg of cocoa beans per year (!!!).

We lose about 30-20% weight after roasting & peeling.

This work is in every bar of cocoa

Cocoa is laboriously harvested, fermented for 5 days, dried for 2 weeks.

Then the cocoa beans travel around the world & are roasted in small batches.

Then the shell is separated from the core & the cores are ground into cocoa mass between stone rollers for 24 hours.

The liquid cocoa mass is poured into molds by hand and left to cool in refrigerators before being packed and sent to you.

All this for 1-3€ Per Chalkboard like in the supermarket 

This is only possible if bulk cocoa (= little aroma, high volume) is grown in monocultures, minimal wages are paid (if at all), it is produced in large batches & the valuable cocoa mass is naturally stretched with sugar, cocoa butter & milk powder.

A short blog post, but it should give you food for thought...

Here is a video of the cocoa harvest in Trinidad - in the middle of the bush on former plantations that have been overgrowing for 40 years.

harvest - pastor roy fromBENI TONKA onvimeo.

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