Moruga Starter-Kit
Moruga Starter-Kit
Moruga Starter-Kit
Moruga Starter-Kit
Moruga Ceremonial Cacao
Moruga Starter-Kit
Moruga Starter-Kit

Moruga Starter-Kit

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  • Relaxed energy
  • No added sugar (or other ingredients)
  • Makes up to 35 cups / 12 full shakers
Ingredients & nutritional values

(EN) Cocoa mass. Ingredients: cocoa mass (100%).
(EN) Cocoa mass. Ingredients: Cocoa Mass (100%).
(ES) Pasta de cacao. Ingredients: Pasta de cacao (100%).

Nutritional values / nutrition information / nutricional information

100 g

Energie / Energy / Valor energético

2539kJ / 616kcal

Fat / Fat / Grasas


- of which saturated fats / of which saturated fats / de las cuales saturadas


Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates / Hidratos de carbono


- of which sugars / of which sugars / de los cuales azúcares


Egg White / Protein / Proteínas


Salt / Salt / Sal


This set contains one cacao shaker + a bag of 350g Chuncho, Peru 🇵🇪.


The Cacao variety "Chuncho" from Peru.

Chuncho is a particularly mild and creamy type of Cacao. It is perfect for newcomers to Cacao, as it is not too strong in flavour and still has all the benefits of 100% chocolate.

What is Cacao mass?

Our Moruga Cacao Drops are made from 100% pure, finely ground cocoa beans, also known as Cacao mass.

What is fine flavour cocoa?

Rare Cacao varieties that are characterised by a lot of flavour are referred to as fine flavour cocoa. Less than 5% of global production can be labelled as fine flavour cocoa.

How do you prepare Moruga Cacao?

Mix 15 Cacao Drops with hot water and/or oat milk. This is best done in our Moruga Cacao Shaker or with a milk frother.

Cacao as an (almost) caffeine-free pick-me-up:

  • Contains 80% less caffeine than coffee
  • .
  • still gently wakes you up and keeps you focused through Theobromine & PEA.
  • does not cause palpitations, sweating or stress
  • .
  • works longer than coffee, up to 8 hours.

Pure Cacao mass as a healthy morning routine:

  • Contains no added sugar
  • contains approx. 55% cocoa butter, a healthy fat
  • is naturally vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free
  • keeps you full for a long time and curbs your appetite
  • is full of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and iron

Cacao from Moruga:

  • has a 100% transparent supply chain
  • is 100% single-variety
  • is traded fairly and as directly as possible
  • cocoa farmers get more money for high quality
  • to 100% from mixed forests (never from monocultures)
  • made in Europe

Cups per bag:

One bag of 350g of our Moruga Cacao Drops is enough for 35 small cups of cocoa or 12 full shakers.

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Our products can be returned free of charge within one month of receipt. Excluded from this are bars of our cocoa that have already been opened, broken or externally soiled, as well as used shakers.

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Easy preparation in our shaker.

Simply add hot water and Cacao, shake and enjoy.

Laboratory tested - a cup of 10 drops (15g) contains:

655mg polyphenols

as much as 200g blueberries or
4 cups of green tea or
1.25 liters of olive oil

39.15 mg magnesium

as much as 2 small bananas

0.57mg iron

as much as 23g of beef

only 43.5mg of caffeine

80% less than a cup of filter coffee

Cacao as an (almost) Caffeine-free Pick-me-up:

  • contains 60% less caffeine than coffee
  • still keeps you gently awake and focused with theobromine
  • produces no jitters, no sweating and no stress
  • no negative effects on sleep

Pure Cacao Mass as a Healthy Morning Routine:

  • contains no added sugar
  • contains around 55% cocoa butter, a healthy fat
  • is naturally vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free
  • keeps you full for a long time and curbs your appetite
  • is full of antioxidants, magnesium and iron

Customer Reviews

Based on 508 reviews
Birgit Grüneberg (Lübeck, DE)

Trinke jeden Tag ein bis zwei Tassen.

Ferdinand Freinthaler (Steyr, AT)
Echt gut

Er schmeckt wirklich einmalig

Andrea Grundmann (Ludwigshafen am Rhein, DE)

Schmeckt wirklich gut, allerdings finde ich den Preis sehr hoch!

Kevin Aster (Düren, DE)
Mega lecker Geschmack 

ich bin begeistert vom Geschmack und vom Energiekick  die gesunde Alternative zu Kaffee  

Marcus Heintz (Hamburg, DE)
sehr lecker

Morgens immer Kakao statt Kaffee!