Piura Blanco, Peru 🇵🇪

Piura Blanco, Peru 🇵🇪

Where does our cocoa actually come from??

In this blog post we will introduce you to the third place where one of our very special fine flavor cocoa varieties is grown.

Piura Blanco from Peru

You may already be familiar with the Porcelana bean varietyMexico. For all fans of this unusual light bean, we have now added a very similar Piura Blanco from Peru to our range. This particular bean from Peru has a distinctly fresh flavor profile with gentle notes of dried fruit, cream and nuts. However, due to the short roasting time, there is also a strong acid note. This might take some getting used to for the inexperienced cocoa tongue at first, but it should definitely be tried!
Porcelana Peru
The Piura Blanco from Peru comes from the small village "La Pareja". The cocoa is named after the cocoa producer Don Ramon, who keeps one of the purest varieties of Piura Blanco in his 120-year-old farm. We use these single-variety beans in cooperation with our local partner Norandino, who have been working on the reforestation of white cocoa for 10 years.
Porcelana Peru Piura Blanco
Most of the cacao forests in La Pareja have been expanded or enhanced with genetic material from Don Ramon's farm. Ramon is not only a cocoa farmer, and also takes care of the process of fermentation and drying of the cocoa, but also has the farmers of his village in a voluntary association (AsociaciOn) organized.
Porcelana Peru Piura Blanco
This special batch is a tribute to him, his great cacao and great leadership at La Pareja.

 the sortPiura Blanco from Peru you can buy here.

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