Eine Gruppe junger Leute macht eine Kakaozeremonie in einer Jurte

Group vs. Solo Ceremonies

Group vs. Solo Ceremonies


Cacao ceremonies can be experienced in both group settings and solo environments, each offering its own unique benefits and challenges. This page aims to help you understand the differences between group and solo cacao ceremonies so you can choose the format that best suits your needs.

Group Ceremonies

Participating in a group cacao ceremony provides the benefit of shared experience and community. Led by a facilitator, these ceremonies often include group activities like guided meditations, chanting, and sharing circles. The collective energy of a group can amplify the emotional and spiritual impact of the ceremony, making it a powerful experience for many.

Don't know how to join or host a cacao ceremony? We got you covered with this guide.

Solo Ceremonies

A solo cacao ceremony offers a more introspective experience, allowing you the space to deeply connect with your own thoughts and emotions. Without the presence of others, you have the freedom to tailor the ceremony to your own needs and preferences, whether that involves specific types of music, meditation techniques, or other personal rituals.


Whether you choose a group or solo cacao ceremony depends on your personal preferences and what you aim to achieve. Group ceremonies offer the richness of shared experience, while solo ceremonies provide a more personalized, introspective journey. Both have their merits, and you may even find that alternating between the two offers the most balanced and fulfilling experience.

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