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How to Join or Host Your Own Cacao Ceremony

How to Join or Host Your Own Cacao Ceremony


Joining or hosting a cacao ceremony can be a transformative experience, offering a unique blend of emotional healing, spiritual growth, and community connection. This page serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in either participating in or facilitating their own cacao ceremony.

How to Join a Cacao Ceremony

Finding a Ceremony

The first step in joining a cacao ceremony is finding one that resonates with you. Look for events in your local community, spiritual centers, or even online platforms that host virtual ceremonies. Consider the facilitator's experience, the structure of the ceremony, and any reviews or testimonials.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Once you've chosen a ceremony to attend, prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Eat lightly, stay hydrated, and take some time to set your intentions for the experience.

How to Host Your Own Cacao Ceremony

Planning the Ceremony

If you're interested in hosting your own cacao ceremony, start by planning the structure. Will it be a solo ceremony or will you invite others? What activities will you include, such as meditation, chanting, or journaling?

Sourcing the Cacao

The quality of the cacao is crucial for the ceremony. Look for ceremonial-grade cacao that is ethically sourced and organic. Prepare the cacao as a drink, following the guidelines for the amount and any additional ingredients like spices or sweeteners.

Setting the Space

Create a sacred space for the ceremony. This could be a clean, quiet room, an outdoor setting, or even a virtual space for online ceremonies. Consider adding elements like candles, crystals, or incense to enhance the atmosphere.


Whether you're joining an existing cacao ceremony or hosting your own, preparation and intention are key. This guide aims to provide you with the essential information you need to fully engage in and benefit from the enriching experience of a cacao ceremony.

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