Schmilzt mein Kakao beim Versand?

Will my cocoa melt during shipping?

Does my cocoa melt above 25°C during shipping?

That chocolate melts when heated is not news. Unfortunately, our panels are also affected by this.

This is not so bad, however, because the durability is not affected.

Since you'll most likely be re-melting the cocoa (for drinking) anyway, it doesn't really matter.

White spots may appear on the bars as they harden - this is just cocoa butter.

When the cocoa butter in chocolate hardens again after melting, it usually flakes out. This is called the"blossom"of cocoa butter.

Blooming of the cocoa butter with cocoa mass and heat

This blooming of the cocoa butter is not dangerous at all!

Besides, the cocoa will melt again anyway when you prepare it for drinking.

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