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How does the effect of cocoa feel? 💃🕺

How does the effect of cocoa feel??

It's not that easy to answer. how does it feelmarijuana There are umpteen answers to that. One gets tired, the other awake, the next creative, the next temporarily stupid. Others, including many doctors, swear by the pain relieving properties of the wonder herb. Just as many feel more relaxed, less stressed and disinhibited after a joint.mt.

What does grass have to do with cocoa Nothing - just that food & amp; Herbal substances are complex. It would be wrong to reduce cocoa to a single effect. Cocoa varieties are very different. People & amp; their metabolisms are just as different. 

An attempt to explain despite the complexity

Because I've now sold over 300kg of cocoa mass & amp; Always in direct contact with my customers, I can approach the question a little more from an empirical perspective.

I keep hearing these descriptions:


Cocoa keeps you awake. But different from coffee. First, the effect lasts longer and is less rapid than a coffee flash. Second, cocoa consumption creates a different kind of spiritual presence. How exactly being awake differs from coffee is a bit vague. I can already say: Cocoa hardly contains caffeine, but theobromine similar to caffeine & amp; Phenylethylamine similar to amphetamine.in).

Some of my customers like to drink cocoa for partying or before training, where physical alertness - or in other words physical energy - is important.


If wakefulness is just the opposite of fatigue, then there is definitely another quality that I would call focus or mental acuity. Some say that cocoa catapults them "into the zone" and is a great fuel for creative work. This is not just pure marketing speech, but is supported by modern studies. Here it says loosely translated bold supplemented by me:):

"... indicate aActivation of the task-related processes in the brain after consuming the sugar-free cocoa confection. Similarly, there was onee activation suchexecutive functions such as recognizing similarities and differences, holding onto long-term memory, learning, ... problem solving and mental conflict resolution. Furthermoreinaus works the nature of these brain wave changes directly ...) towards reduced attentionn). "(here the study).


Strangely, cocoa also has a mentally relaxing effect on most people. The study cited above, in which the effects of cocoa on the brains of test subjects were measured using EEG measurements, also shows that although cocoa stimulates the central nervous system, it does not induce stress or anxiety, as is the case with coffee is. In addition, cocoa contains a lot of magnesium, which relaxes the muscles.t.

Socially stimulating

I can say about myself that cocoa makes me "more socially awake". In fact, I then have an increased need to communicate and get involved more with my counterpart. That is the effect that is also easiest to observe for outsiders: People who are "high" on cocoa start to babble and often forget a lot around them.).

Marcy Norton explains inthis exciting interviewthat cocoa is a ritual drink in the high cultures of Central America drinking at diplomatic meetings where getting together on the same wavelength was of existential importance for the group. Vll. should I think about sponsoring cocoa from the Bundestag ...

Heart opening

Especially by yogis & amp; I often get this word back in connection with cocoa to spiritual seekers. They describe a feeling of empathy, connectedness and high emotional sensitivity. That's why they like to use cocoa at cocoa ceremonies. In their explanation, the plant "spirit" is responsible for this effect - the spirit that is inherent in the cocoa plant and, by the way, is supposed to be feminine, gently guides us rationally thinking people back "into feeling". Admittedly, it sounds a bit spaced out, but there is probably really a lot out there that we neither understand nor grasp.nen.


Here is an excerpt of the messages I got from friends & amp; Customers get.

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