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World's most sustainable chocolate

Sustainable Cocoa: The Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award 2024

How do we know how sustainable our cocoa really is?

Is there solid and independent evidence for this?

Yes, there is. Our cocoa has been subjected to a rigorous test: the Chocolate Scorecard.

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The result: In 2024, our supplier, Original Beans, is once again the proud winner of the Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award, making it the world's most sustainable chocolate supplier.

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What is the Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award?

The Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award is presented by the international organization Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). It was created to highlight companies that are committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in the production of their chocolate.

The Chocolate Scorecard team is coordinated by Be Slavery Free and works with universities, consultants and civil society groups.

Back in 2023, Original Beans was the only chocolate company to receive “Green Eggs”, the highest award, in all 6 categories. Original Beans receiving this award again demonstrates their continued commitment to the highest standards in the industry.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the collaboration with Original Beans.

Cocoa farming partners

Chocolate companies are evaluated based on various sustainability and social criteria:

The rigorous rating system includes six main categories:

(1) Traceability and transparency

This category examines how well companies can trace the origin of their cocoa and how transparently they report on their supply chains. It assesses whether companies are able to trace the origin of their cocoa down to individual farms and whether they share this information publicly.

(2) Living income

This category assesses whether companies take measures to ensure that cocoa farmers earn an income sufficient to live a decent life, including paying a credible Living Income Reference Price (LIRF) and implementing poverty alleviation programs in the growing areas.

(3) Child labour

This reviews the measures companies are taking to prevent and eliminate child labor in their supply chains, including monitoring systems, farm coverage through these systems, and plans to expand these programs.

(4) Deforestation and climate

This category assesses companies’ efforts to prevent deforestation and promote climate protection.

(5) Agroforestry

Companies are assessed on whether they practice agroforestry, which offers environmental benefits over monocultures. This includes restoring agricultural landscapes and reducing pesticide use.

(6) Pesticides

This category examines the use of pesticides and their impact on the health and environment of the growing areas. Companies that take steps to reduce or eliminate pesticides receive better ratings.

Each of these categories contributes to an overall score that divides companies into different groups: from "leading in policy and practice" to "lack of transparency".

🥇Our supplier received the best award in each of the categories mentioned and is considered a "world leader in policy and practice".

➡️ Click here to go directly to theChocolate Scorecard 📗

Cultivation partner & cocoa plant

Why is that important?

The way we produce our food has a far-reaching impact on the environment and society. Receiving the Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award shows how much Original Beans is aware of its responsibility and actively contributes to promoting more sustainable and ethical farming.

Our commitment

As a company, we are proud to work with suppliers like Original Beans who share our values ​​and are committed to sustainable and fair practices. The Chocolate Scorecard Good Egg Award 2024 is therefore not only a recognition for Original Beans, but also an affirmation of our commitment to high-quality, ethically produced (100%) chocolate.

We look forward to continuing to drive positive changes in chocolate production together and making the world around cocoa a better place step by step. 🌎 🚀 🍫

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