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Cocoa instead of butter coffee

Cocoa instead of bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is popular for the ketogenic diet but doesn't taste as good. Discover the delicious, healthy and vegan alternative: Bulletproof cocoa.

Fat in the morning routine

The basic idea of bulletproof coffee is of course interesting! Consume fat instead of carbohydrates in the morning. In principle, the ketogenic diet is about your body being in fat burning mode as soon as you get up. Because you don't eat carbs overnight (unless you snacked while sleepwalking).♀️).

After a while, your body will automatically switch to burning its own fat if it doesn't get any external carbohydrates. So if you only eat fat as part of your morning routine instead of carbohydrates, you stay in the natural fat burning process.

Bulletproof Kakao im Stadion beim Workout

Bulletproof Cocoa stimulates fat burning and concentration

The high-fat diet is not only great for losing weight, maintaining weight and defining your figure. The burning of body fat also brings great, constant and unexcited energy. In this mode you experience the opposite of a sugar flash. Burning fat makes you feel like a diesel train driving across the prairie instead of a small electric scooter with a range of a few miles.

Kakaomasse statt Kakaopulver

Cocoa mass instead of cocoa powder for Bulletproof cocoa

Our pure cocoa mass is much more suitable for the preparation of a ketogenic bulletproof cocoa than cocoa powder, as it consists of at least 50% natural cocoa butter. The cocoa butter has been removed from the cocoa powder, which is why the packaging often says "highly de-oiled" or "slightly de-oiled". Of course, we do not de-oil our cocoa, but keep the healthy, naturally contained cocoa butter. This not only makes your Bulletproof cocoa rich in fat, but also automatically vegan and deliciously creamy.

Bulletproof Kakao beim Workout in Berlin

Cocoa with coconut fat or MCT oil

I (Jonas, founder of Moruga) like to drink a bulletproof cocoa with 2 squares of Moruga cocoa & a teaspoon of coconut fat or MCT oil before or after running.

This bulletproof cocoa is completely vegan, suitable for the ketogenic diet and sustainable. And it tastes even better than bulletproof coffee.

The preparation of the Bulletproof cocoa

1) 2-4 squares of ours cocoas 🍫  along with 1 teaspoon coconut fat or MCT oil in ours cocoa shaker give

2) Add 500ml warm water (70C) 💦

3) Close shaker & shake vigorously

4) Enjoy🥰

Bulletproof Kakao für ketogene Ernährung

Benefits of Bulletproof Cocoa

Of course, Bulletproof cocoa also brings with it all the other benefits of cocoa over coffee that we write so much about elsewhere.

Theobromine & PEA keep you awake and full for longer

Bulletproof cocoa is low in caffeine and won't make you as stressed as coffee. But our cocoa mass naturally contains a lottheobromine andphenylethylamine, a substance that has become known as a workout booster and is considered to be an appetite suppressant.

Vegan and ketogenic thanks to natural cocoa butter

Because cocoa mass still contains all of the cocoa butter, you don't have to use animal butter. Cocoa butter is considered a valuable vegan fat for the ketogenic diet.

Superfood cacao full of antioxidants and minerals

In addition, our cocoa mass contains a wealth of healthy antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium. Cocoa is considered a real superfood.

What are you waiting for? Bring some variety to your ketogenic diet with Bulletproof cocoa instead of coffee!!

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