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Cocoa as a medicinal plant 🌿🍫

Cocoa as a "medicinal plant" That's behind it..

You only know cocoa as a powder, as a sweet hot drink and as a basic ingredient for chocolate Long before cocoa was treated as a sweet sin in our country, indigenous peoples of South and Central America use it as a ceremonial drink and as a medicinal plant. What we have forgotten due to the heavy processing in the food industry: Good cocoa actually has the potential to be a stimulating medicinal plant.n. 


The effects of cocoa are incredibly difficult to explain. Scientifically speaking, cocoa contains a number of chemicals, all of which have different effects on the body, depending on the dosage, proportion and of course your metabolic type. In short, science tells us that cocoa is slightly energizing because of chemicals like theobromine, phenylalanine, anandamide, and theophylline.


But besides modern science there is still ancient spiritual wisdom that tries to explain to us why drinking cocoa could be a great idea. All over the world, natural religions use the effects of medicinal plants in spiritual and therapeutic ceremonies. Carefully grown and minimally processed cocoa is one of those crops. Unlike psychedelic plants, cocoa does not induce changes in the psychological state. However, cocoa does change the physical and emotional state that more and more people are learning to appreciate.


Science tells us again that cocoa opens blood vessels and increases general blood flow in the body. A lot of magnesium helps relax the muscles. Spiritual teachers and shamans tell us that cocoa acts as a "heart opener", a gentle mediator that allows us to delve deeper into our own emotions if we want.


We are fascinated by both worlds, both the material and the spiritual. That is why we are not taking sides here, but rather let both sides speak for themselves. Because in the end it's about: enjoying life. Whether this is due to the presence of a lot of dopamine in the brain and maximally open arteries or the presence of many positive energies and spirits.

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