Warum Moruga Kakao für eine Zeremonie benutzen?

What do we do differently than other brands?

 Many ceremony cocoa are imported directly from the countries of origin to Germany without being processed further. In the beginning we did that too. We imported around 200kg of raw cocoa from a small factory directly from Trinidad to Berlin. Sure, that was exciting. Kind of like a mix of Scar Face and Willy Wonka.

But we had too many problems to contend with. Inconsistent quality resulted in the blocks tasting different every time. A very coarse grind of cocoa resulted in our customers complaining about the sediment at the bottom of a cup, similar to coffee grounds. It scratched many in the throat and they had to cough from it.ten.

The blocks were unwieldy and difficult to store.

In addition, the blocks were difficult to handle, especially for yoga teachers who wanted to do a cocoa ceremony in a small group. Each time they had to scrape cocoa off the block with a knife and it was not easy for them to dose it. Sometimes it even happened to us that we over-salted the cocoa at a ceremony. Nobody who organizes a cocoa ceremony wants that! Salt is important when mixing cocoa with water because the salt reduces the bitterness on the one hand and gives it a round taste on the other. But too much salt is not an option!

A block of cocoa could not be stored well if it was not used up completely. As a result, the aroma of the cocoa evaporates - just like with coffee beans stored in the open. All in all, we realized that we needed something better for our ceremonies. Cocoa that is produced in constant quality, freshly roasted, vacuum-packed, in resealable packaging.

Now we have our ceremony cocoa freshly roasted and produced in Berlin.

That's why we started working directly with chocolate manufacturers in Berlin, who produce the ceremony cocoa for us according to our wishes. For example, the bars already contain the perfect dose of salt so that you only have to mix the cocoa with the right amount of water. Through a number of tests we came up with the right recipe and the right table size so that you can simply use 100ml of hot water per square. Never get too salty again!

In addition, our ceremony cocoa is freshly roasted in Berlin and is vacuum-packed, which results in an unbelievable taste explosion. We can now work with different cocoa beans from different countries so that we can offer a variety of strong cocoa varieties for ceremonies - for example from Trinidad, Guatemala, Ecuador and Belize. In theory, we can work with any cocoa bean that has been grown fairly and wildly or in a forest garden.

Our bars are easy to dose, resealable, prettier and sell better.

Our bars are the same product as the cocoa ceremony blocks that you can buy elsewhere - just finer ground, freshly roasted in Berlin, refined with salt, practically poured into bars and vacuum-packed,in nicely designed resealable packaging. They are already used by many yoga teachers and healers in Berlin, Germany and Europe for cocoa ceremonies. Because they look so beautiful and at 200g they are not too big and expensive, our ceremonial cocoa bars are perfect for reselling to the participants in a ceremony.

Our supply chain is now rock solid and we can deliver several kilos within a few days.

We no longer have to worry about bottlenecks in delivery. Nasty surprises, mold growth and inferior quality no longer. We are absolutely delighted to have taken the step towards becoming a chocolate manufacturer, which enables us to continue exploring the cocoa universe in all its facets and to share this diversity with our partners. After all, the participants in a cocoa ceremony also expect a certain culinary experience.

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