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Cocoa in the Morning Routine (Or:Confessions of a Coffee Junkie)

Cocoa in the morning routine (Or: Confessions of a coffee junkie)

The early morning catches the worm Or maybe cocoa Here I write about how cocoa has taken its place in my morning routine and why I now prefer to drink cocoa instead of coffee in the morning.e.

Moruga Gründer Jonas riecht an Shaker voller Kakao

Where I don't poke my nose in everywhere...

Coffee to wake up/stay awake

I started drinking coffee late, at 18, struggling through a vacation job on the assembly line at Mercedes Benz / Daimler. The shift work took its toll and I began to appreciate the black gold of coffee and the caffeine it contains.

Coffee is hip

Since then I have remained true to coffee. I was beginning to like it. I moved to Berlin, where there's a hipster café with educated coffee lounges on every corner (or at least some that pretend to be). Coffee was energy. Coffee was hip. Coffee was social. I was often spotted on the Freie Uni campus with a coffee cup in hand (after all, there was a 10 cent discount if you brought your own cup). Going for an espresso upstairs at Berghain Monday morning at 3 was cool for a country bumpkin like me.h.

coffee in the office

I took this habit (addiction **HUST**) with me to my first real job in a Berlin start-up with an open-plan office, a classic success story. Just go and have a coffee with the boss. Go get an espresso out of boredom. Want to perform on business trips from morning to night - coffee was needed. At least I thought so. 8 cups a day were not uncommon.enheit.

The downward spiral of coffee addiction

Funny, I was getting more and more irritable. Stress. Stress! STRESS!!! I knew all of a sudden. I was getting more and more tired. More and more black gold was needed. A vicious circle that we look at from the outside in epic junkie films like Trainspotting, smile at, find repulsive. Heroin not me!cht!

caffeine, stress and anxiety disorders

Caffeine is by far the most consumed drug in the world. Coffee and tea are the two most consumed beverages in the world. Both naturally contain caffeine (even if theine has established itself in the German language for tea - it is the same substance as in coffee).. 
At the same time, stress and anxiety disorders are two of the most serious mental health problems of our time. There might be a connection there…?
Moruga Model Natalie trinkt Kakao anstatt Kaffee

Cocoa instead of coffee

I myself was able to massively reduce my coffee consumption by discovering cocoa, so that I am now a pleasure drinker again. Although cocoa also contains small amounts of caffeine, it is significantly less than coffee or tea. Cocoa is more characterized by other bioactive substances, e.g.phenylethylamine.

How does cocoa work?

Cocoa has a very calming effect on me and yet it increases my focus. I love drinking cocoa while writing or doing deep work, like right now while writing this text.. 

Cocoa has a gently stimulating effect

Cacao has a much gentler and less aggressive effect on me than caffeine. I now notice a coffee quite quickly - with cocoa, a relaxed basic focus settles in over time. On the one hand, this can be to thestimulating Ingredients such as theobromine and PEA are due, among other things, to the large amount of fat (cocoa butter) that is naturally contained in cocoa.
Tasse voller Moruga Kakao morgens

Cocoa in the low-carb diet for constant energy from fat

If you follow the low-carb movement as closely as I do, then butter coffee will no longer be a foreign concept to you. The idea is that burning fat inherently entails a much more constant level of energy than burning carbs. A cup of cocoa in the morning for breakfast and you'll be eating 4-6g of pure, healthy cocoa butter. I also like to prepare my cocoa in the morning with coconut fat, for more quickly available fat compounds and a more balanced spectrum of short, medium and long-chain fat compounds. Of course I could also use MCT oil, but that's too expensive for me & usually causes digestive problems for me. Here I write more about itBulletproof cocoa.

Theobromine in cocoa

In addition, cocoa contains a lottheobromine, which is closely related to caffeine, but is metabolized much more slowly and is therefore available in the organism for longer. This also contributes to a flatter energy curve than coffee.
Moruga Gründer Jonas auf Teneriffa
Me at the photoshoot with Nataly on Tenerife.

Cocoa as an aromatic coffee alternative

However, an essential point for my switch from coffee to cocoa was the taste or aroma.I love aromatic drinks. I love whiskey, red wine, rum, craft beer, coffee and cocoa. Cocoa is not only at the bottom of this list, it can be at the very beginning. In somestudies It was shown that cocoa can form about as many aroma molecules as red wine. That's a lot, and cocoa is one of the most aromatic foods of all.

Flavors make you feel happy

I am firmly convinced that it is this dense carpet of aromas, among other things, that makes Moruga cocoa such an euphoric experience. Of course, the bioactive ingredients such as PEA, various cannabinoids and theobromine in cocoa play a role - but I also believe that the many aromatic substances activate the happiness center in my brain when I enjoy a cocoa.
Kakao koffeinfrei als Morgenritual

Cocoa - the stress-free morning ritual

It is above all this high-quality culinary experience that has made cocoa an essential part of my morning routine - and that of many friends and customers. It's the ritual. Get up in the morning, boil water, break the cocoa off the bar (one or two pieces), let the water cool down, pour into the shaker, add cocoa, shake, smell the shaker, pour out and let the first, creamy, heavenly sip sink in. A cup of cocoa in the morning and the day is my friend..
I drank while writing:Sur de Lago from Venezuela🇻🇪

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