Pure Kakaomasse von Moruga Kakao in spirituellem Kontext

How much cocoa for a cocoa ceremony?

How much cocoa for a cocoa ceremony?


In this article I write about how you can dose cocoa for ceremonies and rituals and what amounts you should plan if you want to hold a nice cocoa ceremony.

The heart-opening power of ceremonial cacao

Cacao is used differently by many people, and as with any medicinal plant, the dose has a big impact on how you feel about it. I've been consuming cocoa myself almost every day for over 5 years, have held over 20 of my own cocoa ceremonies, supported over 50 ceremonies with cocoa, distributed several tons of cocoa mass from over 50 different areas and worked with 5 different chocolate manufacturers. So I know my way around a bit now and can share here what I have learned about cocoa from my customers over the course of this time.

Junge Frau trinkt zeremoniellen Kakao von Moruga in einer tiefen Herzmeditation in Berlin

From 15 grams of pure fine flavor cocoa, most people feel an effect

My personal conclusion: most sensitive people begin to notice the effect of pure, high-quality cocoa from an amount of around 15 grams upwards. That corresponds to about 2 squares of oursBars of pure cocoa mass. Of course, there are people who need more cocoa to experience a heart-opening effect and there are those who only need to smell pure cocoa to get into deep heart meditation.

Frau trink puren Kakao von Moruga auf einer Kakaozeremonie in Berlin

How much cocoa for a big cocoa ceremony?

Anyone who wants to hold a cocoa ceremony is first faced with the question: "How much cocoa should I get?" For cocoa ceremonies and rituals in larger groups, I personally always recommend calculating with 30g per person, i.e. approx. 4 squares of one of ours 100% cocoa bars. There should be two squares per cup, so about 15g. If one cup isn't enough for you, you can come back for a second or third cup. So there is always enough for everyone and nothing is thrown away. In addition, each participant can best decide how much cocoa she wants to drink at the ceremony.

Mann trinkt Moruga Kakao auf einer Kakaozeremonie

Where does the heart-opening effect of cocoa come from?

The effects of higher doses of pure cacao liquor are most commonly described as a subtle tingling sensation throughout the body, a gentle increase in awareness and by some an increased energy vibration. Most people experience increased social perception, are better able to engage with their counterpart and their own emotions, and feel a more intense group feeling. Here we write more aboutr Experiences with the effect of cocoa.

Since the heart is the center for emotions and above all empathy, affection and love in many spiritual traditions, the term heart-opening has become commonplace in spiritual circles as a collective term for these effects. To put it more scientifically, one can probably speak of a stimulating and empathogenic (=empathy) effect and classify cocoa in the group of empathogens. It is precisely this effect that makes cocoa so popular for cocoa ceremonies where people want to meet at heart level.n.

Kakaozeremonie von Moruga in einer Jurte bei Berlin

Can you overdose on cocoa??

Fortunately, cocoa is a very gentle plant. You can overdose, but you really have to want to. I myself have 60gg Cocoa from Trinidad taken to heart - from 40g it was no longer fun. My body got in touch because I fed it so much fat and bitter substances at once. The effect was correspondingly strong and felt like a low-dose MDMA trip in spurts. I wouldn't do it again.

Junger Mann bricht zeremoniellen Kakao von Moruga für eine genaue Dosis

Two, three or four squares for a ceremony?

Withour cocoa bars you can dose it pretty well for cocoa ceremonies, because they consist of 24 squares of the same size. Each square consists of 8.3g cocoa mass and very little salt. For beginners, we recommend consuming two squares (16.6g) at a ceremony and, if that wasn't enough, top up with one (total 24.9g) or two squares (total 33.2g).

Tassen voller Ritualkakao werden auf einer Kakaozeremonie in die Mitte gereicht, zum Teilen

Cacao and MDMA - both empathogens

In its often described as heart-opening effect, cocoa is not so dissimilar to that of the amphetamine MDMA from higher doses, thes is currently being intensively studied for the support of conversation-based therapies. As a so-called empathogen (=of empathy), MDMA deepens the emotional connection between therapist and patient, which makes therapeutic breakthroughs of unimagined extent possible. Therapy of trauma (e.g. post-traumatic stress syndrome) supported by MDMA,achieve lasting healing rates of up to 67%.

Ritualkakao wird in eine Schale gegossen

Attention, myth: It doesn't have to be 42 grams!

In many ritual cocoa circles, the number 42 is thrown around. Why This probably has its origin in a joke by Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Raw cocoa is said not to be heated above 42C and the exact dose for a ceremonial dose of cocoa is exactly 42 grams. I hope you have enough common sense in you to smile at such statements.können.


I was drinking while writing: water as I was fasting😇

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